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The Problem

For decades, California tenants have been at the mercy of unscrupulous landlords who were able to steal their security deposit money. Simply, it was not worth it for tenants to spend thousands of dollars on an attorney to fight for their security deposit when the amount of the security deposit was less than the cost of hiring an attorney.

The Solution

Enter the attorneys at the Harouni Law Group, the security deposit law experts. We have concocted a quick, simple, and affordable way for tenants to get expert legal help in fighting for their security deposit.

How It Works

Quick, easy, affordable, and effective.

What We Will Do For You

We will draft and email you a customized demand letter based on your responses to a series of yes/no questions. Our demand letter will explain to your landlord:
1) what statutes they violated in retaining your security deposit;
2) how they violated each statute; and
3) how much money you are entitled to as a result of your landlord's violations (hint: it’s much more than you think).

What It Costs

Our demand letter costs only $99. If, after you fill out the questionnaire and we determine that your landlord did not violate any laws, we will immediately refund your money.

What You Are Entitled To

If your landlord violated any laws by retaining any portion of your security deposit in bad faith, and if you have a clause in your lease agreement that allows you to get attorneys fees if you sue your landlord and win (most leases do), the law allows you to get up to two times your entire security deposit, plus the actual portion of the security deposit that your landlord stole (referred to as “actual damages”), plus any attorney’s fees that you spent on this matter. For example, let’s say your landlord illegally retained $500 of a $2000 security deposit in bad faith and will not give it back, and you spent $99 on our demand letter. You would be entitled to get up to $4599 as follows:
$500 (your actual damages, or the amount that your landlord illegally retained) + $4000 (bad faith statutory damages) + $99 (reimbursement for attorney’s fees).

Pretty amazing, right? Your landlord tried to steal $500 but ended up paying you $4599 instead!

How You Can Use This Demand Letter

  •       Step 1: Create Demand Letter (Read More…)

  •       Step 2: Negotiate With Landlord (Read More…)

  •       Step 3: File Small Claims Lawsuit if Landlord’s Response is Unsatisfactory (Read More…)

  •       Step 4: Win Judgment Against Landlord (Read More…)
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